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Christon Birge is breaking into the music scene with his playful debut single “Delirious.” Influenced by everything from southern rock to traditional and progressive country music, Christon’s love of songwriting paired with his undeniable stage presence has him poised as one of the most exciting young acts to launch into the country music industry. Christon collaborated with 2 time ACM Steel Guitarist of the Year winner Mike Johnson on his debut track — that unmistakable cry of the steel guitar always brings us back to our country roots.

It’s that same high-energy stage presence that differentiates him from any other artist in the business today, and landed him the winning spot at the Panama City Beach 54th Annual World Famous Toostie’s Orchid Lounge Birthday Bash. As the winner, Christon was flown to Nashville to open up for some of his music idols like Kid Rock.

“Winning the Tootsie’s Birthday Bash and getting to shut down Broadway street in the middle of Nashville to sing for hundreds of country music fans was a dream come true.”

When Christon was 15 years old he saved up enough money that summer working on a watermelon farm to buy his first guitar. The very first song he learned was “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by Keith Whitley.

“My older brother Stephen taught me how to play guitar. It’s because of him that I even picked up a guitar in the first place.”

Growing up in the small town of Vernon, FL, Christon learned a few chords but put the guitar down for some time to focus on his other passions – sports and working on hot rods with his dad.

“I got away from music a little bit because I didn’t think I was good enough to make any money doing it at such a young age. Coming from humble upbringings, it was a priority to stay ahead financially, and music just didn’t seem like it was in the cards for me.”

While he never really stopped singing around the house, Birge started picking up the guitar again a few years later. Before long he was in a two piece band, hauling a gear trailer, gigging smoky bars across the entire southeast region of the US.

“Singing’s the only thing I can think of that I do whether I’m happy or sad. It comes as natural to me as breathing.”

Christon is in the studio recording and finalizing tracks on his debut country album.